Impactful Business Presentations | Effective Presentations Skills Training Workshop | 2 Days

Create and Deliver Impactful Business Presentations To Win Your Audience, Your Clients and Your Bosses!

Testimonial of A Previous Participant of Impactful Business Presentations Training :
Effective Presentation Skills“I  really felt transformed by the invigorating story telling techniques… I used to be nervous in front of large crows but today the audience love my story telling style… Thanks to Teck Kim’s effective presentation skills training and coaching.” –
Fiona Ng – Sales Manager/Team Leader




In today’s business world dominated by technology advances, effective and impactful presentation skills have become a key differentiating career skill.  Whether you are a corporate leader, politician, a salesman, a teacher, a housing agent or a banker – your ability to persuade others to accept your ideas will differentiate you from others and sets you apart.

If you have only time to learn 1 skill outside your daily work, then effective business presentations skills are the mandatory skills.  Master the key effective presentations skills in 2 days (note that this workshop has been expanded from the previous 1 day Effective Presentation Skills Training Workshop) with Master Trainer Tan Teck Kim.  Whether you are presenting formally or communicating informally, you need strong communication skills to win over your audience.

Impactful Presentations Training Singapore

Compelling reasons for effective presentations skils:

  1. You gain WIDER acceptance for your ideas
  2. You WIN or move audiences with your persuasion
  3. You DIFFERENTIATE  yourself and become more visible in your company/marketplace.
  4. In today’s digital age, most people lose that touch with public speaking skills but you need not be like the rest!
  5. You get RESULTS when you can convince others – in your business or career.


Impactful Business Presentations Training Course

Connect with Others Through Effective Presentation Skills

You can “run, but you can never hide” from the need to present either formally or informally. If you aspire to progress in your career, you must learn this essential skill and become good at it. Master the art of Speaking Publicly and be comfortable to present on your feet at impromptu occasions!

The more you progress in your career, the more you need to be able to persuade others, or speak and think on your feet, and sometimes without even being given time to prepare.


Effective Presentation Training Course in Singapore

Differentiate Yourself Through Your Presentation and Public Speaking


  • Learn powerful ways to prepare for a presentation
  • Supercharge your presentations with learnt delivery skills
  • Discover how to connect with your audience
  • Learn how to create interesting introductions to wow your audience
  • Learn effective self-coaching techniques to overcome fears and self doubts
  • Discover the breakthroughs in eye contact, tonality and body movements
  • Learn strategies to help your audience remember your message
  • Find out ways to overcome common pitfalls and why others succeed
  • Communicate in ways to CONNECT with your audience.

Effective Presentations Skills Training Workshop


DAY 1 (Preparation Strategies)

  • Strategies to prepare your presentation to differentiate your presentation
  • Understand your own communication style to maximise your public speaking impact
  • Structure Your Presentations to help your audience mentally navigate
  • Understand audience psychology and the power of 10, 18 and 3
  • Discover the multiple types of presentation media and learn to use them
  • Effective Rehearsal Techniques to achieve a smooth delivery
  • Practice, practice, practice

DAY 2 (Delivery Strategies)

  • Story Telling methodologies to connect with your audience emotionally
  • Eye contact techniques and how to eliminate “blind” spots
  • Re-discovering your voice
  • Body language, dressing and how to convey positive impressions
  • How to speak confidently on an impromptu basis
  • How to arouse interest in your presentations with an impactful start
  • Ending your presentations with different bangs!
  • Self Coaching techniques to transform your fears and doubts
  • How to Speak Publicly so that your audience agree with what you say
  • How to Speak Publicly so that your audience will remember what you say
  • How to Speak Publicly so that your audience will take the needed action
  • More practice, practice, practice
  • Case Studies of famous speakers like Steve Jobs : Did Steve Jobs attend any public speaking course (Singapore) or Effective Presentations Skills Training workshop?  A sample of the many educational and interesting videos used in the workshop is included below – check it out and enjoy:


From Tan Teck Kim, Seasoned Manager & Career Coach :
If you only have time to attend 1 course this year, invest in mastering Effective Presentation Skills Training Workshop to be impactful and your key branding differentiator.

You will be grateful to me for this advice in 1-2 years’ time, and even more so 5-10 years down the road.



  • 9-10 Feb 2017 (Mon-Tue) – 0930 hrs to 1800 hrs (7 seats left)


  • 3-4 Apr 2017 (Mon-Tue) – 0930 hrs to 1800 hrs


  • 8-9 May 2017 (Mon-Tue) – 0930 hrs to 1800 hrs


  • 14-15 Aug 2017 (Mon-Tue) – 0930 hrs to 1800 hrs


  • 13-14 Nov 2017 (Mon-Tue) – 0930 hrs to 1800 hrs



  • 10 Anson Road, International Plaza, #20-05A
    [Note : The venue may be changed and participants will be advised at least 5 days before the commencement of the workshop if there are changes]
  • OR
  • Follow the 2-step registration (or enquiry) process below.


Presentation Skills Training in Singapore

Normal : S$999 per person

Early Bird Offer (at least 3 weeks before course) : S$799 per person


Register for Impactful Presentations Skills Training Workshop in 2 steps :

1.  Pay for the course fees (credit cards or paypal payment is acceptable.  The payment amount is based on your registration date as indicated above.  Cheque payments to be mailed to office address below) :

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Supercharge Your Presentations

2. Email your payment details, or Course Enquiries to master trainer Tan Teck Kim at

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Impactful Presentations Training Course

Note : You must provide your participant’s name, email address, telephone contact.  About 10 days before course commencement, he or she will receive a pre-course preparation and email notification with venue details.
You may also telephone (65) 96307041 but if the trainer is involved in a training session, please leave an sms message or email.  You will receive a reply within 24 hrs.

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In House (Small Group Training) Effective Training Workshops in Singapore and Asia :

We also provide customised in-house Effective Presentation Skills Training sessions or in-house Communication Skills Training for groups or companies in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Vietnam or Asia. Tan Teck Kim has travelled extensively to many parts of Asia to deliver Service Excellence programmes, Impactful and Effective Presentation Skills and Team Building workshops for clients for their annual corporate retreat, offsite or special dedicated training days.   For more info on case studies on Effective Presentation Training, please click here

For course enquiries, contact Master Trainer Tan Teck Kim at

 One To One Personal Coaching On Presentation Skills and Public Speaking

If you have an urgent need to present and need to be coached, you may contact us for a one to one coaching on your presentation skills, or on your next public speaking assignment, or to improve your communication skills as a leader.  Whether you are going for a job interview presentation, or your next Sales Presentation, we can coach and equip you with the tools and techniques which will maximise your presentation impact.  For more info on one to one personal coaching on presentation skills, please check here :

►► Why You Should Sign Up For Personal Coaching On Presentation Skills Training

Clients Previously Trained By 36 HR Training & Consultancy include (list not exhaustive) :

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Impactful Effective Presentations Course Singapore

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