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The Power of US
Leverage the power of synergy to get you and your team ahead!



1 day Corporate Team Building Workshop (Popular for Companies’ Retreat and Offsite events and Corporate Team Building Events)

What do top companies like GE, HP, SIA have in common?

Why are they all talking about something so fundamental as teamwork?

Should TEAMWORK be a given or can it be ‘trained”?

Get these answers in our Corporate Team Building Training Workshop – The Power of US.

Benefits of Corporate Team Building Events :

  • Build Trust and Teamwork in work climate
  • Align Team members towards broader and larger goals
  • Improve Productivity through Improved morale
  • Identify Staff Problems and Issues
  • Encourage Staff Contribution towards Workplace Problems
  • Empower Staff to take Ownership and Leadership in situational challenges
  • Improve Conflict Management


Hard work and high output volume are not the yardstick for personal or organisation success. When organisations can harness the synergies of the people, and when the staff  can align their personal aspirations with the larger objectives of the teams and companies they work for, high performance naturally sets in – highly essential in today’s changing work economy.  Main workshop components include :

TeamBuilding Training Workshop and Event

The Power of “WE”

  • Learn from other organisations what are the top characteristics of successful teams and learn to build a trust and quality culture
  • Self Reflections of our roles in teams
  • A Common Purpose and Shared Mission
  • How To Build Trust in teamwork
  • Team Reflections
  • Build quality relationships to get the mileage and connections.
  • Learn about the different value system, different personality profiles, and working styles – they can be fun and effective. Learn ‘wisdom’ in relationships.
  • How To Resolve Conflict within Teams
  • Commitment to Innovation
  • Quality Dialogues and Empowering Conversations

The workshop also provides a bonus section on Coaching techniques that you can master to transform situations into favourable outcomes

As most companies organise Team Building events with 36 HR TRAINING & CONSULTANCY during their offsite and retreat, the most common request is that the team building MUST BE FUN, ENGAGING AND INTERACTIVE.  We have experienced several ways to achieve this goal successfully including the use of LEARNING GAMES and CASE STUDIES :

  • Happy Family
  • What’s My Feet Size
  • Modern Spider Webs
  • Tying The Knots
  • The Newspapers Connections
  • The 4 Faces of Frank
  • What’s Special About Us?
  • Timeless Teamwork Stories
  • Crossing River Jordan
  • The Breakthrough Knockout!


Team Building Training Workshop

The Power Of US

As team dynamics differ from team to team and across organisations – there is no 1 size fits all approach.  We will tailor the course to suit your needs in sit-down consultations.

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“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” – Michael Jordan.

Call 36 HR Training and Consultancy for a free consultation on how our corporate team building workshop can suit your needs!  We also provide Team Building Workshops to improve communications and team building workshops using MBTI (Myers-Briggs) to enhance teamwork!

Note : The MasterTrainer is Tan Teck Kim who can customise the Corporate Team Building Workshop according to your requirements.  Tan Teck Kim is also trained in NLP, and is a certified trainer and coach in FIRO and MBTI programmes such as MBTI Team Building and MBTI Leadership programmes.