Communication Skills Training (Singapore) using Coloured Brain Communication

Communication Skills Training in Singapore


  • Have you ever explained something so clearly to someone, yet they do not seem to understand you? Or vice versa?
  • Or wonder why the same exact information can be interpreted differently by different people? Why does this happen?
  • If you are leading a team or have people work under you, would you be interested to find out how you can use “colored brain” communication and “emotional drivers” to better manage the individual and as well as the team working relationship?
  • Do we know that the outcome of our behaviour boils down to our genetic brain color and top emotional drivers? It dictates the way we act, react, analyse and problem solve.
    Colored Brain Communication is validated by the American Business School of Psychology.


Upon completion of this Coloured Brain Communication Skills Training workshop, you will be able to:

  •  Learn the foundation of “colored brain” communication/improve communication skills:
  • Identify your brain color and other people’s colored brain type
  • Increase your circle of tolerance with different brain colors
  • Develop improved communication strategies to communicate with people of different brain color
  • Build successful employees and teams at work through using the “colored brain concept” and their individual “emotional drivers”


Approaching Brilliant Communication at Work

  • Understand the key “Fundamentals of Human Nature” for effective communication
  • Identify circumstances where message sent is not the same as message received
  • Recognise elements which affect communication e.g.
    • your internal GPS when communicating
    • communication assumptions and perceptions
    • “4 Insanities of Communication”

The Power of  “Colored Brain” Communication 

  • Understand colored brain concept – nature vs nurture
  • Learn the genetic color brain communication style of each brain color – to understand why people do the things they do
  • Find out your own genetic brain color

 Application, application, application (of Coloured Brain Communication Skills Techniques)

  • Apply knowledge of “Colored Brain” to analyse outcome of card game
  • Analyse the color of leadership through quotations
  • Analyse colors of Judges in action

Mastering relationships and working with Employees of Different Colours

  • Identify work styles of each color
  • Learn key tips and techniques to work effectively with each color brain
  • Identify what are each strengths
  • Understand what should you beware of with each color
  • Understand how some colors may be misunderstood
  • Apply information learnt towards forming an effective team

“Color Brain” Perception of Time – characteristics and how to regain control

  • Red brain perception of time
  • Green brain perception of time
  • Blue brain perception of time
  • Purple brain perception of time

Employee Emotional Drivers

  • Understand the 8 Emotional Drivers
  • Apply knowledge of emotional drivers to analyse card game outcome
  • Rank your strongest drivers

Emotional Driver” Approach to Time, Time Lapses and how to Regain ControlCommunication Skills Training Course Singapore

  • Understand the emotions of time – friend or mischief maker
  • Recognise how time management affect the individual and team productivity and how to regain control of time

Employee and Team Motivation & Productivity

  • Recognise and apply ways to use knowledge of color brain and emotional drivers towards motivating employees and teams
  • Learn how to empower and retain employees through using their emotional drivers
  • Learn and apply Postures for enhanced communication with employees & the team
    • Warrior
    • Child
    • Lover
    • Emperor
    • Angel


Contact 36 HR Training & Consultancy for a unique, engaging and fully interactive in-house customised workshop with a new awareness of communication and communication psychology in play. A range of fun and impactful experiential exercises, cards games and video clips will be used throughout.


Any individual whose success depends on effective communication skills in any area of work including team formation and development.

Communication Skills Training Course Singapore


Communication Skills Training using Coloured Brain CommunicationCelina Gan is a strategic partner of 36 HR Training & Consultancy.  Celina Gan has over 17 years working in Asia and Europe, Celina has accumulated a vast experience and know-how in working and training participants from different cultures, work backgrounds and across languages. Celina trains in Europe, Middle East and Asia. She is also a coach and assessor in the International Business Simulation Program at Regent’s University London, addressing ability for leadership, team building, personal effectiveness and communication skills.

Celina is very passionate about training. Her style of training engages participants in practical sessions with personable examples, humour and hands-on activities for instant understanding and applicability. Celina’s motto is: “Stretch your Comfort Zone; Expand your Boundaries; and Enable Transitions to Take Place”.

Celina Gan is certified in the following:

  • Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) for training, assessment and curriculum development from the Workforce Development Agency (WDA), Singapore
  • PSMB Certified Train the Trainer, Malaysia
  • Management, Leadership and Team Program from the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM), UK
  • “Coloured Brain Communication” Psychology; accredited by the American Business School of Psychology (AIOBP)
  • Human Motivation and Drive; and Mastery in Dynamic Speaking, accredited by AIOBP
  • Certified GFT (Great Facilitation Technique) Learning Coach & Facilitator, Singapore
  • Coaching and Mentoring Professional (CCMP) accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF)

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