Presentation Skills Training & Voice Training/Coaching – Singapore & Malaysia

Welcome to Presentation Skills Training and Voice Coaching Classes.

This Training Workshop is suitable for those who have attended the Impactful Presentations Training Workshop (in Singapore or Malaysia) or the Public Speaking Course (in SIngapore or Malaysia).  It is also suitable for corporates and institutions seeking a customised in-house Workshop To Improve Presentation Skills and Voice Control.


Presentation Skills and Voice Training Class in Singapore Importance of Voice In Public Speaking and Business Presentations – Why Vocal Training and Voice Classes

  • Your voice is an overlooked, over-used and under-appreciated asset.
  • It takes 30 seconds of hearing your voice for a person to form a first impression of you.  Are you conveying the right impressions?
  • Remember : you have to speak up during interview to get the dream job you have always wanted
  • Remember : you have to persuade your audience to sell your ideas, whether in a formal or informal setting, or for business or personal reasons
  • Remember : your voice is one of your key weapons to earn trust and inspire others, when you are speaking publicly

Presentation Skills Training & Voice Training Course Outline (in Singapore & Malaysia) :

Day 1 : Presentation Skills Training Course Outline

  • Preparation Strategies To Speak Impactfully
  • Re-defining Your Objectives
  • Analysing Your Audience with 7 Questions
  • Tailor Your Presentation and Presentation Structure
  • Arouse Interest In Your Audience
  • Learn Effective Body Language Techniques To Speak Confidently
  • How To Handle Difficult Questions and Difficult Audience!
  • How To End Your Presentation With A Big Bang
  • 3 Extra Power Tips on Public Speaking To Connect With Your Audience
  • Bonus : How To Make A Boring Subject Become Interesting!

Vocal Training and Presentation Skills Training in Singapore

Day 2 : Voice Training Course Outline

  • Defining Your Identity Through Your Voice
  • Unleash The Hidden Power In Your Voice
  • Uncover The Hidden Potential In Your Voice
  • Power Up Your Voice With Proper Breath Control
  • Develop Vocal Variety – How To Module Voice In Public Speaking and Presenting
  • Say Goodbye to Quivering Voice When Public Speaking
  • Say Goodbye To Trembling Voice When Public Speaking
  • Say Goodbye To Nervous Voice When Public Speaking
  • Say Goodbye To Shaky Voice When Public Speaking or Presenting
  • Learn Techniques To Develop Resonance in Your Voice
  • Develop The Authority In Your Voice
  • Develop The Inspirational and Influential Voice in You
  • Blend Your Voice, Body Language and Your Key Messages Into A Successful Presentation Speech

Presentation Skills Course - How To Be An Interesting Public Speaker


Benefits of Presentation Skills Training (in Singapore and Malaysia) and Vocal Training Workshop :

  • You learn to differentiate yourself as presentation skills and public speaking have become a career defining skill
  • You learn to speak confidently thus winning over your peers, supervisors and potential clients
  • You tailor your messages through understanding your audience, thus enhancing your chances of persuading your audience
  • Your competitors are secretly differentiating themselves in presentation skills and public speaking – are you?


Presentation Skills and Voice Training Workshop – Training Methodology

  • Presentation Skills Training Videos – Learn From Steve Jobs and Other Famous Speakers
  • Presentation Skills Training Materials – Every participant will be given a specially prepared presentation skills training booklet in pdf format.
  • Presentation Skills Case Studies
  • Public Speaking Techniques – participants to practise and arouse interest in speech openings and closures
  • Voice Training Exercises – Story Telling, Making Memorable Speeches
  • Voice Training Techniques to strengthen breathing and confidence
  • Presentation Skills Training Pre Course Work
Presentation Skills Training in Singapore and Malaysia

Boost Your Confidence in Public Speaking

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