Why Employees Leave Their Jobs

Studies conducted by experts suggest that the following were the most common reasons cited by employees when they leave for a new job :

  1. Why Staff Leave Their JobsThe supervisor or manager does not value or is not seen to value the employees’ contribution .
  2. The supervisor or manager does not demonstrate care about the employee
  3. The supervisor does not treat the employee respectfully.
  4. The supervisor does not provide the employee with performance feedback.
  5. The supervisor fails to provide the employee with clear direction.
  6. The employee feels there is little potential for career development.
  7. The employee seeks better compensation and benefits.

Many of these reasons are are within the manager’s control, but interestingly, managers when interviewed typically cite their staff resignation being due to higher salaries offered by another organisation.

Is there a disparity somewhere?

Reflect :  Employees don’t leave their jobs.  They leave their bosses.  Do you agree?

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