Personal Branding Workshop – How To Build Your Personal Brand

Why is there an increased and sudden heightened interest in Personal Branding workshops and courses?

Personal Branding Workshop

How To Be Noticed For Your Personal Brand

  • Your Personal Brand differentiates you
  • You Get Noticed by Propsective clients and Employers
  • You Get REMEMBERED For Your Personal Brand in THE WAY You Want To Be Remembered
  • Companies have long tapped on the benefits of branding – today the same benefits and concepts are extended into the personal arena as standards evolve. 


Did you know there there were 2 STEVEs who started and founded Apple.  One was Steven Jobs, whom everyone knows, but the other is Steve Wozniak, the real technology genius behind the company.  

QUESTION : why have you not heard of this brand Steve Wozniak?



Personal Branding Course/Workshop Outline

Personal Branding Workshop - How To Build A Compelling Brand To Get Noticed

  • Why Do You Need To Brand Yourself?
  • Personal Branding Examples : Real Life Case Studies of Personal Branding Successes and Failures
  • Personal Branding Elements and Definition
  • Build Your Personal Brand in 7 Steps
  • Your Brand Mission and Values
  • Your Brand Skills and Experiences
  • Who Are You? What Do You Do? How Do You Create Value For Others?
  • How To Embed Personal Excellence Into Your Brand
  • How To Brand Your Professional Image
  • How To Brand Your Presence
  • How To Brand Your Online Presence
  • How To Brand Your Communication Style
  • Your Brand Story :  How To Differentiate Your Personal Brand
  • How To Develop Your Brand Tagline
  • Building Your Network To Boost Your Brand
  • Linking Everything Together
  • Finding A Partner Or Coach To Help You Succeed

Mode Of Personal Branding Workshop

  • This workshop is totally customisable to suit your organisation’s needs.
  • Carefully designed exercises, role plays, real life stories, facilitation by Tan Teck Kim, chief trainer of 36 HR Training & Consultancy


Bill Clinton is possibly one of American’s most charismatic presidents.  Yet in one of his speeches while he was still governor of Arkansas, he gave a speech that was greeted with a very bored audience and claps that cheered when he ended his speech.  How did the same man change from boring to charismatic?  Can skills be learnt and can your brand change?

Who Should Attend This Personal Branding Workshop?

  • Managers and Professionals
  • Business Owners
  • Students entering the workforce
  • Universities and Institutions
  • Any organisation interested to train participants to “Marketing and Branding YOU” (the staff)

Mode Of Personal Branding Workshop

  • This workshop is totally customisable to suit your organisation’s needs.
  • Carefully designed exercises, role plays, real life stories, facilitation by Tan Teck Kim, chief trainer of 36 HR Training & Consultancy

FAQ Of Personal Branding Course

  • Q: Is this a theory-based workshop?  
  • A : It’s highly interactive with carefully designed branding exercises 
  • Q : What can Participants take away with?
  • A : During the course, participants will invest time to develop their brand through different strategic branding elements including image, values, presence and story.  By the end of the programme, they would have developed at least the 1st draft of their brand and be able to put into practice many of the techniques taught during the programme.
  • Q : How Different is this workshop from other Personal Branding workshops?
  • A :  Firstly, the trainer has more than 10 years of real life experiences which are used extensively to illustrate case studies.  Secondly, the course is highly interactive and specially designed to create interaction and learning through fun.  Finally the course turns its attention on YOU (the participants) :  It’s about Branding and Marketing You.  Check out the testimonial below.
  • Q : What is the duration of this Personal Branding workshop?
  • A : Typically we run it successfully within 1 day but the duration is customisable.
Fiona Ng
Sales Manager
It was an eye opener.  The stories and real life examples are highly motivational.  I rate Teck Kim’s Personal Brand Workshop as THE BEST I have attended in 2013 for inspiring me to take action.


Personal Branding Course Fees 

  • You only need to invest in $599 per participant, up to a maximum of 15 participants.  The budget can be customised according to your requirements.  Venue can be arranged specially depending on needs.  


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